6. Peaceful

  1. Being a Christian in work is being peaceful.231 Following Jesus Christ in our work means being peaceful because Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace.232 Jesus is our Peace;233 in Him we have peace.234 God is the God of peace;235 He is the source of peace.236 God calls us to have peace with Him and with each other.237 That is why God sent His Son into the world to make peace.238 From this, we may make peace in and through our work. Our work provides opportunities to make peace. From the Holy Spirit we receive the heart, wisdom, and strength to work peacefully.
  2. Working peacefully means being peaceful in our work, not bridge-blowers but bridge-builders, not agitators but appeasers, not troublemakers239 but peacekeepers, not peace-breakers but peacemakers.240
  3. Working peacefully means bringing peace in our work. Whenever possible, we bring concurrence where there is disagreement, unity where there is discord, harmony241 where there is strife, cooperation242 where there is opposition, consultation where there is backbiting, order where there is disorder,243 rest where there is unrest, contentment where there is discontent, and reconciliation where there is conflict.
  4. Working peacefully means seeking connection with others in our work. Just as God searches for inner and intimate connection with people, so must we search for connection with people by looking for what binds and brings together, from the awareness that we are all created by one God.244
  5. Working peacefully means being constructive. We don’t have to be destructive in our work because the devil already is.245 Work is not warfare, or playing hardball, or eat-or-be-eaten, or cutthroat competition. Work is making peace, developing relationships, being there for each other. Being constructive is also restoring nature, improving the disturbed relationship between man and nature, making whole what is broken in nature, and helping nature to flourish further.
  6. Working peacefully means not cursing in our minds people we work with but blessing them with the peace of Jesus Christ.246 Even in situations where peace seems impossible, we can expect a surprising peace of God, which surpasses all understanding.247
  7. Working peacefully means having peace with ourselves. Even when people in our work perceive us to be a sucker, a loser, or a failure, we should accept ourselves because God accepts us just as we are.248 Our sense of self is in God. A low self-image is unnecessary because we have been created in God’s image and likeness. We should not be despondent or feel inferior; on the contrary, we should feel contented with ourselves because God is at peace with us.
  8. Working peacefully means having a clear conscience. By confessing our sins to God and asking forgiveness for them, we can come to terms with God. Through forgiveness God grants us peace. Walking around with unconfessed sins creates discontent.
  9. Working peacefully means being self-controlled. Self-control is not being irascible or agitated, but being able to control our anger, irritation, and frustration.249 Self-control begins with the realization that God is tremendously patient with us. God has complete control of His powers and faculties.250 People who challenge our self-control have a great need for us to pass on to them God’s love.
  10. Working peacefully means creating a workplace in which we and others can have peace with God. Such a workplace is one in which faith in God can be expressed and practiced,251 in which God may be present without fear and shame, and in which Jesus could work in the same manner.
  11. Working peacefully means giving those who victimized us the opportunity to do so again. By offering a second chance or turning the other cheek,252 we show our willingness to make peace and give the other person the opportunity to repent.
  12. Working peacefully means experiencing peace from our relationship with God. Even in very hostile work environments we can experience peace. After all, peace is not dependent on the circumstances but on our relationship with God. At the heart of our work is this inner peace.

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  1. Which Bible verse about peacefulness do I find particularly appealing and provides guidance for what working peacefully means (to me)?
  2. To what extent do I agree with the above summary of what working peacefully means?
  3. Are there any missing elements in the above list of what working peacefully means? If so, which ones?
  4. How would I personally describe what working peacefully means for Christians?
  5. How would I describe concretely what working peacefully means for me?
  6. To what extent do I subscribe to the idea that peacefulness is an important characteristic/virtue for Christians in their work?
  7. To what extent do I subscribe to the idea that peacefulness is an important guideline/principle for the behavior of Christians in their work?
  8. To what extent is peacefulness an important virtue and principle for me in my work?
  9. How do I experience the importance of peacefulness in my work?
  10. Do I work to bring about peace? Do I do so wholeheartedly?
  11. To what extent can I work peacefully in my work?
  12. How often have I recently brought peace to my work?
  13. How peacefully do I do my work? How does it show?
  14. To what extent do I use peacefulness as a principle for my behavior in my work? Could I illustrate this using the decisions I have recently made in my work?
  15. When I look back at my working life, could I say that I have increasingly become more peaceful in my behavior?
  16. To what extent do people I work with think I act peacefully in my work? What have they said to me about this?
  17. To what extent do I think God thinks I act peacefully in my work?
  18. How can I become and act more peacefully in my work? How would I do this concretely?
  19. Which elements of working peacefully am I going to bring more of in my next working day?
  20. What am I going to say in a prayer to God about work peacefully?
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