1. Thank God

  1. Lord, You are great and good and Your works are great and good.
  2. You created Earth, You give life, and You maintain the world.1 Your works are unique and without equal.
  3. Lord, You are the Worker. You were the first to work and You work incessantly.2
  4. You invent and make. You care and help. You provide and guard. You correct and restore.
  5. You are an example and a source of inspiration for our work.
  6. You even gave us work. You give us opportunities to work, You give us the abilities to work, and You give meaning to our work.
  7. We thank You for Your work and how You work in and through us.
  8. We thank You that through Your work and that of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and Your Holy Spirit, we are allowed and able to work, that You entrust us with Your works, and that You trust us to work.
  9. We thank You that You do not stop working, but that You continue to work for what is good and beneficial for us,3 until Your work is completed.
  10. We thank You for the countless blessings that You give us in our work.4
  11. We thank You that You are there in our work, that You do not abandon us, but lead, support, and drive us in our work.
  12. We thank and praise You in and through our work.5
  13. We thank You, oh God, that we can reflect on our work, that we can wonder what is good in our work and what good work is, and that we can be inspired by your Bible, Your Son, and Your Holy Spirit.


  1. While You are great and good, we are limited and flawed in our work. While Your works are great and good, our own are humble and defective.6
  2. We confess, therefore, our imperfection and guilt to You, oh Lord God.
  3. We, who have received a lot from You in our work, have been ungrateful to You.
  4. We, whom You have called to work with You, have been concerned with ourselves in our work; we have thought to be able to do our work on our own strength, and have hardly noticed Your presence in our work.
  5. We, who have been called by You to work for You, have been selfish and stubborn and were concerned with our own happiness and pleasure.
  6. We, who have been called by You to serve our fellow human beings in our work, have been egocentric by focusing on our own needs and interests.
  7. We, who have been called by You to take care of Your Earth, have neglected and disrupted Your Earth.
  8. We, who have been called by You to develop and multiply the talents we have received from You, have abused and squandered our talents in our work.
  9. We, who have been called by You to bear witness to You in and through our work, have neglected and avoided this and even disgraced You.
  10. We, who have been created by You and belong to You, deny and dishonor You in our work. This fills us with sadness and remorse.
  11. Lord, our God, forgive us in the name of the work that Your Son, Jesus Christ, has done for us. Please grant us Your mercy that we do not deserve or are entitled to and heal all our broken works and turn them for the good.
  12. Liberate us from the burden of our guilt, so that we can enter the future fearlessly and follow the footsteps of Your Son in our work, strengthened by the knowledge of Your enduring love.

Teach us to follow Your will in our work, to see You fully in our work and let You fully work in it. Teach us to be Your ambassador in our works, so that we work for You, and You work in and through us. And teach us that they are

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  1. Regarding my work, for what do I want to praise and thank God? What dont I endorse or recognize as praise and thanks from those mentioned above?
  2. Regarding my work, what sins do I want to confess to God? And what dont I endorse or recognize as guilt and sins from those mentioned above?
  3. Regarding my work, what do I want to ask from God?
  4. How often do I praise and thank God for what He gives me in my work? And how particular am I in my praise and thanks to God?
  5. How often do I confess my sins in my work to God? And how specific am I in pointing out my sins?
  6. If I were to pray now about my work, what would I say?
  7. Regarding praying: how often do I pray about my work? Do I do this before, after, and/or during my work? And do I pray too for the people with and for whom I work? Do I pray about the dilemmas that I encounter in my work, and do I pray for Gods blessing of my work? And if so, do I experience the power of prayer?
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